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Posted on: Jan 20, 2015
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COLORSEAL is a pre-compressed--primary plus secondary seal ideally suited to curtainwall and metal cladding systems, as well as concrete, brick, stone, precast, EIFS, etc. Microsphere-modified-acrylic-impregnated foam sealant, factory pre-coated with high-grade silicone.

Common TILE GROUT is a cement-based product that’s mixed into a spreadable paste with plain water. The cement content makes grout porous, which means liquids seep in if they’re not cleaned up right away. Liquids with color, such as fruit juice, tea and coffee, leave their color embedded in the grout once the liquid evaporates, resulting in deep-set stains.

CARPET STAIN PROTECTION Carpet stain protection is an invisible shield against stains and can either be applied to an existing carpet. OTC Cleaning services offers carpet protection after cleaning is completed. Having carpet stain protection means that you can only use certain cleaning products on your product.