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At OTC Cleaning Services we provides many services that will have your offices and homes looking its best. Our staffs take pride in providing consistent and excellent service. All our customers experience excellent results from the services we render we provide. Our dedicated staffs are completely dedicated to meeting your standards.

A better living condition

Are you currently getting the best cleaning service for your home or office? OTC cleaning services can meet and exceed your expectations in areas that you cannot imagine. Since not every part of your office or home needs the same cleaning standard and solution. we will find the best way to save you money on your cleaning project.
We will develop a cleaning program that will be totally customized to your environment, and also meet your budget in doing so. So call or email us today to get a free quote on your next cleaning project. Start enjoying a fresh and clean environment that you deserve.
Enjoy our many years of experince and dedicated staffs who are totally committed to ensuring that your environment stays clean and fresh at all times.